Victoria Place, a queer soap opera

Victoria Place ~ Motion Podcast ~ Episode ONE

Suggested $5.00

Grab a beverage and a loved one for your visit to Victoria Place, ‘City of Hot Messes’.

In Episode 1, News Reporter Chase Ridgestone is assigned to cover Johnny Fiori’s Silent Art Auction at Victoria Place City Hall, a gig he hopes will get him ‘discovered’. Laurie entrusts assistant Mark to provide services for her brother Ritchie, their new client. Johnny’s mother, Irma, wakes in the hospital unable to move her legs. Colorful folks, including out-of-towner Baby Doll Gibbons, flock to City Hall with intent to place a bid on the Fiori Family Pearls. Irma calls Johnny with a troubling call, to take the Pearls down or else he will succumb to a curse and DIEEEEEEEEE.



Suggested $5.00

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